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If this is for self-defense, I’d recommend Wing Chun. It uses your opponent’s strength against them.

#this scene was everything to me #sara leveling the playing field #like us #she says #immediately identifying with felicity #because they are both women #and they both have the disadvantage of being smaller #and it doesn’t matter that felicity doesn’t have the years of training that she does #they’re the same #they both need to know how to defend themselves #how to utilize their small size #it’s that ‘like us’ that kills me every time #she could say ‘like you’ #because honestly #we all know sara has NO problems defending herself and kicking ass #but she doesn’t single felicity out that way #doesn’t want to make her feel lesser #UGH THIS FREINDSHIP PLS GO AWAY (rosietwiggs)

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silver-blooded girls with hearts of gold. (x)

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Don’t forget some bad guys who showed up and happened to be Muslim in one ep, saying a prayer in Arabic when cornering Oliver/Sara in an alley. Thanks for going there,show. And I had such hope :(

Ah yes, the unnamed member of the League who downed some poison while reciting a prayer. And there’s was Al-Owal, he’s dead too. And I mean, the League so far had been made up almost entirely of PoC, save for Malcolm and Sara, and that could’ve been good, except the two solitary white members of the League are the ones in the spotlight, and now they went ahead and took the actual fucking leader of the League and white-washed him. It’s…great.

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I just reached and surpassed that first big milestone in followers. And after spending a good while utterly flabbergasted at how many of you there are, I thought it’d be a good time to try a follow forever. So, here’s a list of some of the nicest, coolest blogs that fill my dash.

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Yeah that quote is so dumb. Racial diversity as in one black guy, and all the females you killed off to further Oliver's storyline? Lol -_-
- everylastline

It’s like, every now and then, I’m reminded of exactly why I don’t like Guggenheim.

Because yeah, you have Diggle as essentially the token black guy these days, along with the police captain who hey, shows his face once a season, Carly who went up and disappeared, Shado who was killed for manpain, Waller who pops up every now and then and is shady as fuck, Nyssa who gets very little screentime, also Slade who ended up being cartoonishly villainized, China White who’s been written off for all intents and purposes, and same with McKenna, Yao Fei who is dead, Hilton who is also dead, a bunch of black thugs trafficking guns, the leader of whom ends up dead too anyway, and hey, then there’s also Ivo’s black bad guy thugs from the island. So, all the PoC are either villains, dead or only around once in a blue moon with the honorary exception of John Diggle. Yeah, a++ racial diversity and representation there, Guggenheim, you really should feel so proud.

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"One thing that we’ve really strived for in the show is diversity of all forms. We’re very proud of our racial diversity on the show, we’re very proud of our gender diversity and having female characters who aren’t just sex objects, who have agency, who are tough. I mean, Felicity Smoak is by no means an ass-kicker, but she’s very tough and she has an inner steel to her. Same thing with Thea."

Marc Guggenheim (X)

*drops mic*

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